Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update #3

Well, things are getting a little better. When we got here this morning, her numbers had improved significantly. She has started weening dopamine and her oxygen. So far so good. It is just a long waiting game that unfortunately we are used to . The goal is to get off the vent within the next couple of days. Her x-ray from this morning did indicate fluid on the right lung so they have started the "pounding" process to try and release that fluid back into the body. She has done well with that so far so we will just have to see on the next x-ray on whether or not it has gone away. The fluid on the lung does indicate that she for sure aspirated. So, when she starts feeding normally after the vent is removed, we will talk further about surgery to try and stop that from happening. That will be a few days away though. Maybe by the end of the week we will have a plan. Again, please pray that Lindsay will get off of the vent soon. It is just killing us to not be able to snuggle with her. We were certainly getting used to that!
Talk again very soon-
Love, Suzie


Rebecca said...

Suzie and JR - It is good to hear that things are starting to look better. I'll continue to pray for little Lindsay. We're sending love and kisses from Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Sending hugs for all of you. I continue my prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie, Jr, Cole, Cruz and Lindsay,

I am glad to here that things are a little better, that is positive. We are all thinking about you every minute and hope for good news for tomorrow. Stay strong and give Lindsay kisses from all of us . We Love you all


Steve and Tina

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates. We are all praying that Lindsay can get off the vent soon. Thinking of you always,