Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We never intended for this blog to turn into a family blog. Wouldn't we all love to turn it back into Lindsay's with beautiful pictures of "Princess Lindsay" and stop all these other things from happening to our family.

Hopefully Patti will have the professional photos up soon on her website. Can't wait to see them!
(hint, hint)

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who made my phone blow up today and all the visitors Lindsay and Bill had today. Sorry to those of you that I was unable to get back to, especially you Elaine. I hope you all know that we all appreciate the messages you all leave both on the blog and on our phones.

I'm happy to report that both are doing well. Lindsay looks great and has had her feeding tube changed to her nose which makes her more comfortable. They are planning a feeding study for Lindsay to figure out why this happened. Her pediatric cardiologist said today that he, too, was surprised that Lindsay was laying there. He indicated that most kids don't make it through what happened to her. This just proves that all our prayers are working and that we must keep it up!

Bill says that he feels like he got run over by a truck, but other than that, I truly feel that he is recoverable if he puts his mind into his PT. It's making it a lot easier for all of us that he and Lindsay are both at Bronson so we can go back and forth between rooms. Hopefully Bill can continue his recuperation at home and can start that as early as tomorrow. The Dr's are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the stroke.

We're concerned about our other little heart baby, Carlee. She was airlifted back to Ann Arbor today with a serious concern about her shunt. Thank you all for adding Carlee and her family to our prayers.

Well, for those of you on the west coast, you're getting this update a little earlier because I'm still at the hospital. I'll peek in on our little princess before I go home, but again, I can tell you that she looks wonderful!

Heart hugs,

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for the report on Bill, Linda...so you heard me at home last night saying "tell us how Bill is!!!", huh? After I read about Lindsay with no word on Bill, I was talking out loud to you! Don't EVER worry about getting back to me...I just wanted to help if you needed me and to leave my message. As you can imagine I am really identifying with Bill...brings back memories of last summer. I feel great now so just keep reminding him of that. By the way, tell him he is SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE HE WAS RUN OVER BY A TRUCK...just in his brain!
We are praying all the time for all of you, including Carlee...I swear, in addition to being a stalker, we have you in our hearts and minds all the time...I don't know what I did all day when I wasn't doing all this praying!

Linda...at the risk of giving unsolicited advise(!), please take care of YOU...being the caregiver to all these people you love is very hard on your body. Eat often, take naps, sleep at night, drink lots of water, cry when you feel like it...and don't ignore any messages your body may be sending you. NO more admissions to Bronson allowed!

Always praying,
Love, Elaine and Bill