Monday, July 14, 2008

Visitors over the weekend

Uncle Robb couldn't wait to get his hands on Lindsay. This was his first time getting to hold her. How sweet do they look?!
The Grooten gang came over yesterday to visit. They were all excited to hold Lindsay. They spoiled her some more with presents and brought us lunch. Thanks guys, it was yummy!!!!
Papa and Grandma "Yum Yum" (Lumbard) said they were going through baby withdrawal so they stopped over for a visit today. Aunt Carole was the chauffeur and got to give her some lovin too. Lindsay even gave grandma a nice smile. So sweet.

Lindsay goes to the cardiologist tomorrow so I will let everyone know the results of the echo cardiogram and the EKG. Otherwise, she is still eating well and seems to be very comfortable all of the time. We are very blessed to have another content baby.
Heart hugs and Love~

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Anonymous said...

Look at that smile for Grandma Lumbard...actually it really looks like a huge GRIN!! She is already growing up too fast!

We will be praying all day tomorrow for a great report from the cardiologist,

Love, Elaine and Bill