Friday, July 25, 2008

We are home!! (for the 2nd time!!)

I got to the hospital this morning and as soon as I walked into Lindsay's room, the nurse said that we were going home today. WHOO HOO! We got the new med list and 3 new prescriptions, and we were home by 1pm today. Papa and Grandma Sue came over after they got out of work. Thanks for dinner! Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb came over too for a quick visit and snuggle with Lindsay. I'm glad our visit tonight wasn't in the hospital! :-) It is so nice to be home and getting adjusted to the new time schedule for the medications. It seems like we are doing something every 3 hours along with feeds. Oh well, if it works, I don't care how much sleep I get! We have really overcome a huge hurdle this week and a week ago tonight, I really, down deep, thought that we were going to loose our princess. She has some wonderful angels looking over her wanting her to live along with hundreds of you out there praying for her to keep fighting. We thank God everyday for that. She has one extra special angel looking over her....Thanks for the bow Rebecca! Lindsay will wear it with pride. Here's proof......
Heart Hugs and Love,


Patti said...

Wonderful news!! I'm so happy to hear she is home and doing well.

Anonymous said...

That is good news. We thank god that she is still with us. I am working overtime tonight I will get off at 2:00a.m. hope to see all of you soon. Love Aunt Retta and Wade.

Anonymous said...

Oh that one of Annabelle's bows?!! It is the kind I was looking for when I got the other 2...Rebecca must have a special source!! (along with those adorable monogrammed bibs!!)Lindsay looks just beautiful and so healthy...what a huge relief. I know you were so scared, but you were so brave and never showed it. We are all so proud of you and JR...nobody ever wants to have to face something like this but you two have done so with such calm and grace. Angel Annabelle and Grandma Lindsay are surely watching over you.

We are leaving for Lake Mich and meeting Cara Warren and Avery this am...don't worry...the laptop is going with us; no being out of touch this time! No bad luck allowed!

We love you so much,

Love, Elaine and Bill

Anonymous said...

JR and Suzie we are so proud to say that you two are our friends. The ups and downs that both of you have been put through is ultimately amazing. Lindsay, Cole and Cruz are very lucky to have such GREAT parents! They are all going to remember how strong the two of you have been through all of this. They are going to grow up and be such caring, compasionate and strong people... Heck I'm sure you've helped a few of us grown ups with that too!

By the way, did you know that my sister's name is Lyndsey Rae? I showed Lyndsey, Lindsay's blog yesterday... Lyndsey said "with a name like that and such beautiful eyes they better watch out!!! They're going to have their hands full." So you better watch out b/c she knows!! :) LOL!

Lindsay looks so beautiful in her latest picture. I love those hair bows!

Remember we're always thinking and praying about all five of you!!!

Monica, Shawn and Ethan too!!!

The B Family said...

Welcome Home, Lindsay! You sure are a dollbaby and one day I will get my hands all over you! I am so glad your mommy enjoys the bow...I never shy away from a big bow (except maybe if it is bigger than your entire head?!).
We are so glad that you are home with your mommy, daddy and big brothers. We pray for you every day, pretty girl!
Heart hugs & love~ Rebecca

~Yes, I do have a's ebay! Also, the bow that Lindsay has on was made by another "heart mom" from Louisiana who heard about the Annabelle Baskets and sent me some of her specialties! They are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks wonderful, the bow is darling! She is a strong little gal. Continued prayers- I bet it feels wonderful to be home and enjoying family time :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! She is so beautiful! Welcome home! Can you please help convince Bob that Maggie should wear bows?? We are back home across the park and are ready for a play date with the boys. Let us know!! Love you guys,
Steph and Bob and Family

Anonymous said...

Hope the amoxicillin kicks in quickly....UTI's aren't fun!
We're praying for you and thinking about you constantly!

Big heart hugs! We love you much!
Rebecca, Braeden, and Camden