Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another note from mom

Hello to all you Lindsay stalkers:

Please allow me to fill in some of the blanks........

Once again, we can all be so proud of Suzie and JR for their quick response last night. The pediatric cardialogist used the word "LUCKY" to us after Lindsay was stablized. We had Dr's working on her at Bronson that were knowledgable in HLHS, for which we are thankful. As I arrived at the hospital in the trauma unit, I counted 9 Dr's and nurses working on Lindsay.

Our families have been through a lot lately and we continue our faith to know that God doesn't give us more than we can handle and that, as Grandma Lindsay always said, "things happen for a reason".

Case in point.......I had decided to go on a run with my hubby out to Reno Thursday to pick up a coach and drive it back to Coachmen in IN......Bill, my hubby, was so excited that I was going to go with him on this trip, 'cause after all I've not gone since Lindsay was born. But he woke up that morning with a headache and nausea, followed by vomiting and vertigo. He felt better by the time we left for the South Bend airport, we boarded the plane, and then there was a seating problem with a lady and a 2 year old child. We helped out by adjusting where we were seated, but Bill told the flight attendent that he still wanted on the isle because he wasn't feeling well. WELL, to make a long story short, he was removed from the flight and not allowed to fly until he recieved medical attention. We returned to Kalamazoo and spent the night at Bronson to get him checked out. He's resting at home and has a follow up appt. on Monday..........Point being, for those of you that know me, I LOVE to travel anywhere!!! And, I took this change of plans very well, after all, "things happen for a reason". And what a reason........(I mean other than my husband's health.)

Suzie had a Dr's appt. with Dr. Bob on Friday so I was able to help out and watch Lindsay all day while she did that and went to work to do taxes that were due for the business. The only thing I noticed about Lindsay during the day was that she was cold. I kept her wrapped as she slept and had her feedings. When Suzie arrived home, we gave her a bath and during that she expelled her feeding in the bath water. We joked a little about giving her a milk bath, redressed her and proceeded to feed her again, which went just fine. I left their home about 6:00pm and Lindsay was doing just fine. It was shortly after that that things deteriated quickly.

Dr. Bob and Stephanie saw the lights flashing from across the park and decided to call to see if they needed to come and get the boys. A very quick response from JR resulted in them swiftly doing just that. So, the boys spent the night at their home with their 3 children and the update from Steph was that Cole wanted to sleep with Cruz (how cute). WHAT FRIENDS Suzie and JR have. The boys are now going with JR's brother Ken and his wife Suzan, so they're taken care of for the time being. We'll go in to care mode for them next week, Aunt Carole has already checked in and, as always, is on call anytime they need her. What would they do without Aunt Carole and Uncle Robb? Once again I will be available for whatever they need me for because I'm in town and because "things happen for a reason." Thank you so much Grandma Lindsay for teaching me that!

Suzie and JR have gone home for a shower and to pick up a few things while I'm sitting with Lindsay. I spent the night here at the hospital while Suzie and JR slept in the room with Lindsay. The staff has been GREAT and allowed us to stay with Lindsay through every proceedure except the x-ray where we were just outside the door. Suzie and JR's knowledge, calmness under such stress, and love for each other is outstanding and I'm sure that shows immediately to all the staff involved!!! They could answer all the medical questions confidently and quickly so the Dr's knew exactly what they were dealing with.

To observe Suzie and JR looking over their daughter is one of the most precious things I have ever seen. You can just feel the love overwhelming the room.

Lindsay will be kept in the Pediatric ICU at Bronson until further notice and we expect that to be transport to the U of M Hospital. We'll continue to update as things progress.

Our prayers continue to be answered and we appreciate you all participating in our prayers.

Love and Heart Hugs to all,


Shannon Poortenga said...


With this latest development, we need to continue our support for JR and Suzie, now more than ever. Please contact me ASAP if you can help with meals, cleaning, etc. so that I can set a new schedule for them. Thanks so much to everyone who has been so wonderful and supportive with meals, housework, etc. this far. Let's keep it going.

Reach me at or on my cell at (269)806-2266. If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours....please call or e-mail again (you know how technology can be - and note the TWO O's in poortenga for the e-mail, please).
Thank you everyone. Let's shower them with LOVE.


Anonymous said...

I am in tears reading about all of this. She's a strong little girl who has overcome huge obstacles already. Our prayers will continue for Lindsay and your family.

Steve, Aimee, Ryan and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Lindsay is back in the hospital...I was surprised to read the latest news after such an excellent cardiology appointment.(Although Braeden and many of our other heart buddies wound up back in the hospital for a little while shortly after coming home)We continue to keep you all in our prayers.

~Stephanie(mommy to Braeden HLHS)

The B Family said...

Suzie & JR~

Precious Lindsay is in our prayers all the time and especially right now. She is such a strong little girl. I just got this sense of peace reading the updates since yesterday...I just know that Annabelle is there watching over her!
Praise God that Lindsay is stable and that the doctors there are knowledgeable about HLHS.
We'll be checking back often and praying for your precious little girl.
Love & heart hugs~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie and Jr.,
We were so glad we could help last night. I know it was "stalker" like behavior, but God put us there for a reason. We will be there again in a second. We will pray for you all weekend and keep checking in. We love you guys. Be strong Lindsay Raye! Love,
Steph and Bob and Family