Saturday, July 19, 2008

An issue last night

Well, we had to take Lindsay to Bronson last night by ambulance because she was purple and had a very labored breathing pattern. Long story short, she is stable. She's on a ventilator and sedated, so very comfortable. We will have the lab work back this morning sometime to answer our question on whether or not she has an infection. The pediatric cardiologist on call said the she wasn't happy with her heart squeeze so they are administering meds to help that but she also said that this could be because of the stress of what just had happened. She is being given antibiotics in case of infection. Poor little thing has a few IV's now that were extremely difficult to put in so thank God that she was sedated. I don't think that an adult would have taken that pain very well! Bless her little heart!
I will update a little later when we know even more but the good news is that everything with her surgery looks great so we didn't have to be helicoptered to U of M last night. If she would have had an issue, that's where we would be today.

Dear Lord, please be with Lindsay and help her heal today. You do this for a reason so I am believing and praying that she will be just fine.

Please pray for Lindsay even harder than before!
With Love,
Suzie and Jr


Anonymous said...

Ughhh, I will be thinking of you today and waiting to hear that everything is OK!! I love you guys and we are thinking and praying with you!!!

Patti said...

Oh my...praying really hard for you guys. Please keep us updated.