Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Look Mom, NO tubes!

We've done our time, we're go'in home...........

That is if I pee really good tonight without my diuretic. (Lindsay, that is)

Everyone keeps commenting that she doesn't look like a "heart" baby. We hate to get overly confident, but, we have to agree. She's looking and acting GREAT!!!

The nurses tell us that it's unusual for HLHS babies to feed this well. She's up to 60 cc's of formula and doing well. Suzie was given the list of perscriptions today and she said that it just looks overwhelming. I'll tell you, Suzie is quite the trooper. I'm SOOOOOOO Proud of her!!! She has learned as much as possible about caring for her daughter. I know that she had time to prepare, but she's a sponge about everything she's being told.

Ok, I know I'm grandma and all and usually grandma's brag about how beautiful their grandchildren are, but come on......

LOOK at those EYES!!!!!

Heart Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Good job Lindsay, you get to come home. I am off work next week so I will make dinner and bring it over for one night, to help you out. If you and JR need anything call let me know. Love Aunt Retta

Anonymous said...

Brag away grandma!! She is beatiful!! Thanks for all your updates, were so glad your coming home Lindsay!! Mary ( Retta's friend)

ash_yoder_06 said...

YAY!! I am so excited for everyone to be coming home!! she is soo cute!! see you guys soon!!

colquitt5 said...

I am so happy for your family that you get to bring your beautiful baby home(and so soon)!! She is such a little hero to endure soooo much in her little life.

Enjoy her time with you at home. Thank you for sharing her story with us!


Cara Winter said...

We are so excited that Lindsay is doing well, and more importantly, that she's a-comin' HOME!

If you're not completely overwhelmed with visitors, we'd love to see her. Avery and I are staying in Kazoo (w/ the Burdick's) for a few more days, so let us know if you're accepting visitors. (Which, of course, you know you don't have to do.)

With love,

Anonymous said...

Suzie & Jr,
CONGRATULATIONS! What an overwhelming experience, and to be going home is such a wonderful reward. I'm sure there's much more anticipation ahead, but look how well you've done so far! We are excited to see Lindsay and hope her progress only continues to be positive.
Travis, Jill & Reagan

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so excited. I have a presant for Lindsay at work, she will need these things to wear soon (hint hint) I can't wait to see that fantastic smile on her.

love you all, and hope to hear from you soon

Julie Miles said...

Wow! That's got to be a new record for a heart baby to get out of the hospital so soon after the Norwood surgery! Congrats Lindsay on being an eating champ! That's what held us in for so long (well also had a hard time getting weaned off oxygen). I'm curious as to which meds she's going home on. Praying for a smooth transition home today!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Lindsay is beautiful-- it's okay to brag Linda :) I hope you have a great transition home. I've loved all the update and pictures.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay has been an unbelievably beautiful young lady right from the start ... so, Grandma has full rights to brag!

Enjoy having your precious daughter home, Suzie and JR. I bet Lindsay's big brothers will just love showing their new sister "the ropes."

Happy for you all,
Laurie Walton (Lynette's sister)

Anonymous said...

She really is a beautiful baby and so strong too!! Congratulations it is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Lindsay!! We are so excited that you guys get to go home. She's been great through everything and so has the family. Hope you keep in touch and updated on Lindsay's progress. Congrats!!!
Love you guys,
Billie, Joe, Gavin, and Trent