Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A visit from Papa today

You might know that Lindsay slept through her visit with Papa (Don) today and then was bright eyed later on when the morphine wore off that they had given her when her chest tube was removed.
We'll know tomorow, after the echo, if our release day will be Thursday. JR already has the car seat in the van and finished the trim in her room.
Lindsay took another full bottle at both evening feedings which makes us feel really good about coming home. What a content baby she is. Honestly, how do Suzie and JR get these really good babies and then such well behaved children? Oh yeah, I guess it's just great parenting after this baby stage.
Like the Heaven's Child poem says, God knows who to send these special children to. We love, love. love her.
I'll update you all as soon as we get the word tomorrow.
Heart Hugs,


Anonymous said...

What a bright eyed beauty! I love that last photo!!


Anonymous said...

What a little princess she is. Love the photo. She looks ready to come home.

Uncle Dan said...

I'm glad to see Lindsay is doing so well! I can't wait to meet her. Hopefully I can get away and make a trip up there soon!I know Braeden does because he points at the computer everytime I show him Lindsay's picture and he goes "ooohhh.....ooohhh" hes saying....That's my new cousin!

Uncle Dan, Braeden, and Camden

Brenda and Don said...

HI everybody,,what great news!! I hope everything goes well in the coming home thing. What a holiday week-end for you eh? We've missed the boys this week, all the kids are asking if they are "coming today"? Hope they are ok.
Good luck this week-end, and let us know if we can do anything.
Thinking of you all the time,
love, Don and Brenda

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hat!!! So cute!! We all can't wait for you to get home!

Anonymous said...

You could completely get lost in her eyes... so pretty. How amazing that they're even talking about you bringing her home already. She has come so far in such a short time. Definitely a fighter.

I'm sure you're nervous to bring her home, away from the safety of the hospital, but you'll do great. God blessed mothers with an amazing intuition. You have two great kids already, so you obviously know what you're doing. Trust your instincts and know that we're still praying for you.

Aimee G.