Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday Party is officially cancelled for Sunday....

for obvious reasons!!!! Not only because of her transplant (yippee!!!) but because starting now and for 3 months from now, she is basically being secluded from as much contact with others as possible. We have to keep her healthy and apparently the 3 months is the time frame to do so. We will just have a small (party of 3) birthday party for Lindsay. Please remember to send me those emails ( if you made a donation of any kind in honor of Lindsay for her 1 st birthday. I have asked to do so so that I can put those emails in her scrapbook and read to her later what she had inspired people to do to "give back". THANK YOU!!!!
Heart Blessings~


Steve said...

Well, sounds like the "party" was last night, anyway! You scared me with the clots story, but wow, what a fantastic team they have up there! I'm so relieved that they found and were able to quickly repair the problems.

Tell Lindsay to slow down a little and rest. We all want to see her off the machines, but her feisty little personality might get ahead of her body if she tries to jump out of bed right now! Oh, boy, this is soooo exciting! I hope they don't send you home before we have a chance to see you and congratulate the Princess from a safe distance!

Hope you get better sleep tonight!



Amber Slatosky said...

We had seclusion for our darling daughter after her OHS (though not a transplant) and I found that sudoku puzzles and crosswords are ESSENTIAL. Oh, and teh intarnets.

Yeah... I am glad that your little one has been blessed with a new heart!

diana said...

Keeping you in our prayers. Thought about you guys all day today. Bill saw it on the news this morning and came running into the bedroom to share with me. Our TV automatically tapes so he rewound so I could see it. Everything feels so promising. God is so good. Happy early Birthday Lindsay.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I am so glad she is doing so well! That is great. Give that little Princess a kiss for all of us.

Stephanie Winter said...

Praying for no more clots and an uneventful night so that mommy and daddy can get some sleep! Let's just postpone the party until her 1and 1/2 birthday! I think we are all celebrating this week where ever we are anyway!
Love you guys!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Obviously, I've been praying for a perfect recovery for the Princess, but I also prayed that the medical team would pay extra careful attention to Lindsay's every move so that they could anticipate and react to any potential complications that might arise... it sounds like that prayer was definitely answered! Prayers, tonight, for no more hiccups and a smooth recovery from here on out! She is so special... just so, so special! Love to you... Danielle

Amanda Groulx said...

I think this is the best reason ever to cancel a birthday party. I don't think anything can top getting a brand new heart for your birthday!! I am officially back in true stalker mode--checking for updates hourly. I'm glad all is well so far.

Take care and have a great night.


Anonymous said...

The Princess...Never more beautiful!! We are so very happy for you all. We have never been so glad to have a party cancelled! Never has there been a better reason. Maybe 'the cake' will happen yet?!? lol
There wasn't much sleeping at the Yoder household either. And the whole time we worked on our wedding project today, Josh kept us up to date with his Blackberry.
All prayers are with you and the donor family, of course. We are all hugging each of you in our hearts.
Love, Sharon Denny Ashley&Josh

Evie's Story said...

What better way to celebrate her birthday?
I'm just in awe...she's amazing, but, you knew that! Bless her! Praying much needed rest for you and JR tonight!

Erin Beckemeier said...

Congratulations on your new heart Lindsay! We are fellow U of M alums as our son, Conway had a Rastelli-Senning Double Switch by Dr. Bove in 8/2007. We just found your blog and are praying for you and your recovery. God is so good!

I saw the note from the Nurse Tammi. If that is the same Tammi we had, she is very loving and we can't say enough wonderful things about her.

Erin Beckemeier

Anonymous said...

I don't know the little angel, but have been following her progress for a while now via friends who do. I was overjoyed to hear she got her heart and is doing well. She sounds like a feisty little character and I know in my heart she will lead a wonderful life. All my love, A friend.