Friday, June 5, 2009

Update #3

Bleeding has been controlled, she is getting blood right now to replace what she lost, AND she is OFF BYPASS!!!! This is one rockin princess!!!!!!!!!


Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Wow! Those prayers worked fast :) Wonderful news... I'm so happy for all of you! Yea Princess!

Alison and Rich Lee said...

Susie and JR,

I am so excited. I got so nerved up when I checked the blog this morning that I actually went into the bathroom to get sick...twice. This is the best news and answer to prayers ever. I want to shout to the world that we just watched a MIRACLE!!!! I can't wait for Amanda to wake up. She will be even more excited than me.

As God has it planned, I am back in a fourth grade classroom today. This is the same class that followed Lindsay's journey everyday this winter with me. What a cool thing that I can share with them! Thanks for the updates.

We are continuing to praise the Lord and praying for continuing improvement as the next few days and weeks go along!

Love you guys!!

Rich and Alison

The Shaff's said...

We are so excited for you, what a faith journey this has been for all of us. We will trust God for her full recovery from here.

Love, Tricia, Brian, and Anthony Shaff

Anonymous said...

Yea Princess!!!!
Retttas friend Mary

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Lindsay - What a night! All our Prayers are being answered and God Bless those miracle making Dr's!!!! You are all in my Prayers. Sara Dziewicki

Misty Warner said...

Suzi, she is truly a miracle! Lindsay has brought so much hope and prayer back into many lives.. We all thank her for that! I think each and every one of us out there following has unselfishly and honorably gave up one or two of our own angels who watch over us and glady gave them to Lindsay for her surgery and for as long as she needs them. We will all continue to follow her, probably forever... Stay strong she is doing great!

The Sheldon Family said...

Your sweet princess Lindsay and family are in my thoughts and prayers. May God hold you in the palm of His hand as you venture through this journey.

God Bless You all!
Lisa Sheldon
Friend of Laura Groen

Kandi Butcher said...

Anyone who doesn't belive in miracles haasn't had the opportunity to meet any of our special heart babies!! I am so happy for you all:) Go Lindsay Go!!! Still praying for your family and that of the donor. Dr. Ohye did Brittney's surgery also. He was fantastic!! This is the best birthday present Lindsay could ever get!! Kandi Butcher

Evie's Story said...

She's doing it! Praise Jesus! May joy be yours as you welcome this new day! You go girl!!!