Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day everyone!
We are back from our little whirlwind trip back home yesterday. We went to watch Cole's last t-ball game, I worked a little, JR mowed the grass, and then back. Whew! Lindsay is making baby steps in the right direction. Her left lung is finally nice and open again and they are going to sprint her a few times today. She is gagging pretty good on the tube, but everyone is reluctant to pull it out, so we will see how her sprints go and if we just can't get her comfortable and all of her x-rays look good, then they will pull it. I can't even believe that we are even talking about that! My gosh, she was just on ECMO less than a week ago! One issue though is her belly. I forget the word that they have been using but basically her belly is still "not awake" enough to handle a higher volume of feeds. She can tolerate the 5-10 cc's per hour and maybe up to 15, but once we get higher than that, her belly gets pretty big and bloated. This might be something that we just have to wait out. We certainly hope so! I know g-tube has been in the back of everyone's minds, but please pray that we won't have to do that. However, if we do, we do. She is off ALL pain meds and sedation meds!! Can you believe that?!!! You are our hero baby girl!
It has been a very emotional week as you might imagine. Lindsay has a purpose in life and God is making her better day by day. Cole was at VBS this week and has accepted Him into his life. I know he is just 5 years old, but when Stephanie told me that story, we couldn't help but have the tears flowing! God is so good! FEAR NOT!!!
We hope all the father's out there have a wonderful day!
Love, Suzie


Maggie Geiger said...

First of all, HAPPY FATHER"S DAY JR! You are a hero to all of us, & you need to know that!
Lindsay, baby girl you are amazing & don't you ever forget it! We are so proud of you and continue to be amazed every day by your strength. Continue to heal & move in the right direction!

Dan,Maggie,Ben,& Alli

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day JR!
This one has a bit of a different feel to it unlike the last few years.(at least I can say that for myself after all we have been through) Lindsay we are all still praying and here for you princess. OUR GOD IS A MIGHTY GOD!!!! He has big plans for you little lady.
Thanks for such good news
Jason and Amanda.

Anonymous said...

happy father's day! we're praying. when the intestines don't wake up it's called an "ileus"... sometimes it just takes a little time after all of the stress and pain medications to get things moving again! we'll be praying for forward progress!

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day JR! God is Good and he's answering all our Prayers for you and your Family! He works Miracles Everyday and Lindsay is one of them! In my Thoughts and Prayers! Sara D

MJ & David said...

Happy Father's Day, JR. We've been stalking waiting for the updates. You all are still in our prayers. Enjoy your much deserved day, JR.

Anonymous said...

Thanking God. That is so great that Lindsay is doing so well. And through all of this, your son excepts Christ into his life. There is nothing so precious or meaningful. Now you just have to encourage, support, and love him through your words and actions to help him continue on this path the rest of his life. This is not only the challenge for you as his parents but also for all of your friends & family. Without Christ, you have nothing. I have two great christian kids and we are so blessed, you will be too!
Love you, Kirk & Jody

Unknown said...

Happy Father's Day!
I pray that her little belly catches up and gets better too!

patsy said...

Hi Suzie,

My niece, Cindy, told me about your darling little baby. She was at the hospital when her husband, Steve, had a kidney removed and got to know your baby at that time.

I have been keeping 'in touch' on your blog everyday. God is so good!

All of God's blessings to you and your family. Even though we have never met, I feel I know you some by reading your postings everyday.

Way to go Lindsay!!


Melissa Gernaat(Coffman) said...

Happy Fathers Day JR.

I am glad to hear that little by little the princess is doing better. We all know that you are strong and that you can get through this.

We are still praying for you.

The Gernaats

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY to J.R...You have our vote for "Father of the Year" and what a year it has been!! Lindsay's continued strength is an insiration to us all...she must know how much she is loved.
Praying for you all...The Jewett's

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day JR! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your time with the little princess today. The second of many, many more I am sure!

Mark Randall & Family

The B Family said...

Praises all around...for Lindsay, Cole's decision & a very special day to celebrate the amazing fathers in our lives! Where would we be without these awesome guys?!?! I know JR holds you up many times, Suzie, and we are wishing him a very blessed Father's Day!!!
Y'all amaze us...I know I've told you many times but it never seems to be enough. Know that we are praying daily (and many times throughout the day) for all of you! Lindsay, of course, is our focus (and Wyatt considers her his surrogate baby sister by now, too) but your entire family is held tightly in our thoughts and prayers.
Cole's commitment of faith in the One Who has made all things perfect in His time brings me to tears, too! What an awesome gift this week! Be sure that your strength in Him has made a lasting impact in your boys' lives, too!
Love you, friend~ Rebecca

kayla dean said...

Hope Lindsay's recovery continues with smooth sailing.

Thinking and praying for all of you!!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Happy Fathers Day JR! What a great one it is too that you guy's baby girl is getting better day by day. What great news. Overjoyed. Will continue to pray for success with the lungs and her belly. God will heal her. Love and blessings to you all! Praise God for His great love and healing hands! Also that is awesome news about Cole!!! God's amazing grace at work. :)

Kyle Keiser said...

Thinking of you today, as always, but sending a special wish to JR today. Though I know Suzie best and my communication is usually through her, just know that anyone Suzie could pick has to be fabulous! You are obviously a special part of a unique team that God designed just to be Cole, Cruz and Lindsay's parents while enduring to thrive in such trying times. Everything has a are Lindsay's Dad by design.

Have a peaceful end to this day with a promising start to a new week. Silent cheers and unspoken dreams are happening every day for your entire family. Your boys are living an amazing example of what men, husbands and fathers should do for the people they love. Congratulations Dad!!
with love,

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day JR, and you have a good day too Suzie! Glad to hear Peanut if doing good!!

Love, The Martin Family

Nicole Gibson said...

Happy Father's Day to JR! You have got to be one of the strongest dads that I "know"
That is so awesome about Cole! Even at 5 it is awesome! I wish we could all have "childlike faith"!
I am so glad that Lindsay is on the right track! I am sure that you know this, but it is not in our is in His time!

Stephanie said...

Happy Fathers Day JR!!!

Praying for great improvements this week for Lindsay and that she can begin to tolerate more feeds on her own. Praying for that belly to stay down too :)

What a sweet story about Cole. You have such a special boy!

Evie's Story said...

Love hearing how God is using this hard season in your lives to draw Cole to himself. Precious!

aimee gillespie said...

Hope you had a Great Father's Day, JR. You've been through more, as a father, in the past year than most men go through in their entire lives. Cole and Cruz are lucky to have such a great role model.

So happy to see that Lindsay is making more progress. Keep going at your own speed, sweetheart. We'll keep praying for all of you.

Aimee & Family

Cupcake Mama said...

God is good ALL the time - but especially the last few days!

Kathy Lang said...

What wonderful news for you to be able to post on Father's Day! I am so happy to hear that Lindsay is doing so much better! It brought tears to my eyes to hear that your son, Cole, accepted Jesus as his savior. What an awesome post!