Monday, June 8, 2009

Update for Monday

Hello all...Linda here....
Just talked with Suzie as I know that many of you are on the edges of your seats for an update.
Lindsay is officially extubated! JR and Suzie came home to collect some things, do payroll, and are headed back to AA and will update later on today.
Hope this helps everyone go on with their day knowing that everything in AA is going very well.
Whole Heart Hugs,


Maggie Geiger said...

Thank you Linda! You kn ow us stalkers, can't get anything done without an update. Travel safely JR & Suzie and we will be waiting for our next update.

The Geigers

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update!!!! I've been checking all morning...never thought I'd be a stalker :) Can't wait to hear extubation update tonight and cross my fingers for pictures :) Hope you all have a great day! Hugs!

Julie Miles said...

Oh what good news! Praise God that Lindsay's extubated and that things are going so well! Praying for a continued successful recovery and also for the biopsy coming up soon.

Heart hugs,

Julie Miles
Ethan's mom (HLHS)

Rachel Dominguez said...

Thank you Linda! Such great news. Cant wait to see photo's of Mom and Dad holding that Miracle child!

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda, I am on edge too and thankful that everything is going so well. Praying for good test results and a speedy recovery.

Love Ute

Natalie♥ said...

I am a stalker as well and I have been praying checking the blog all morning waiting to see how it went. So glad things are going so well. Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update!
Glad to hear all is well. Hope you guys all know we are thinking about you and praying for you. Can't wait to see pictures :o)

Mark, Barb, & Chad

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda,,I've been running in to ck blog a few times this a.m.,,and I really appreciate the update!! She is really a trooper! Hope the rest of recovery is as well as the past few days too. Hope to see the boys here soon, daycare friends were looking for them today. We tried to talk to the older ones about Lindsay's surgery, as Cole has tried to tell them too! Love and take care, all of you, get some rest.
love and prayers Don and Brenda

Evie's Story said...

Thanks for this praise! Absolutely delighted to hear! Know they can't wait to have her back in their arms!

Amanda Groulx said...

That's great news! I've only checked about 20 times so far!


Tiffany Lockette said...

That is such wonderful news. Go Lindsay Go!!! I am so happy she is doing so well. Keep fighting you beautiful little princess.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear. Was wondering how things were going but figured no news was good news and I know how busy they must be!
Thanks Linda.

Anonymous said...

Linda--So good to hear all the GREAT NEWS!! We'll keep those prayers coming and look forward to many more happy days.
Dianne Jewett

Nicoe Gibson said...

PRAISE GOD! I can't wait to see what plans He has for this sweet baby girl! They must be big ones!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, and glad to hear Lindsay is doing FAB-U-LOUS!!

Love, The Martin Family

Elaine said...

Another stalker chimes in...I was in GR all day on business, wondering what I was car kept trying to turn toward Ann Arbor, but I told it we couldn't go yet!!!! I got home and raced to my laptop...thanks so much for the news. What a rock star that princess is...unbelievable news!

I don't know how many people I have told about Suzie's line "Seriously, people, she is flopping around on that bed like a fish!! What a vision that created in my mind! And now she can get out of that bed and into mom and dad's arms...don't let her walk quite yet! long as I live, I will never forget the sound of your voice on my phone saying "Lindsay has a heart"...It has just been a miracle weekend.

We love you all sooo much,

Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Linda, You are right, we are constantly waiting for updates on Lindsay! So glad she is coming along so well! The Power of Prayers!!! God Bless her! Sara Dziewicki

Lacey said...

Hi there, I am trying to email you about Lindsay's blankie. It won't go through for some reason. Will you email me so I can get your address? Thanks, Lacey