Saturday, June 6, 2009

More weaning......

Tonight's goal is to start weaning her oxygen. She is currently set at 50% and doing awesome. Her gases say that her PO2 is actually 160, so it is time. She is definitely breathing over it! The nitric is weaned down to 5 tonight already and her pulmonary pressures have stayed the same but are still a little higher than what they would like. So, because of that, they said that they will start her on some feeds to prime her belly and that way when the nitric is shut off, they will probably start her on sildenifil (Viagra) to lower her pulmonary pressures. It was explained that the heart that she has now is used to a little lower pressures so they would like Lindsay's to be the same if possible. Her higher pressures were why she couldn't handle the Hemi-Fontan. But now that she has a nice WHOLE heart, this can be adjusted pretty easily. Stinker!!!
We will be going up again for a visit soon, but needed a nap to get rid of headaches before hand. Keep praying........especially since we now know for sure that they work!!!
Heart Blessings~

PS Trying to figure out how to jazz up those restraints! ha ha Seriously people, she has been flopping like a fish on that bed. And that is why they made more drugs.......nighty night.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear she continues to improve. Her strong will is going to serve her well in her long just isn't helpful when it comes to staying in bed! Take care and thanks for keeping us up to date.
Cheryl, Craig, Clayton and Grace

Terri and Fam said...

So glad to hear how well she is doing. We are continuing to pray for her and for you both.

As for the restraints, time to pull out those beautiful hair bows and add them to the restraints to keep her in her princess gear.

That fiesty attitude is what will get her back home very soon!

All our prayers
Terri and Family.

cp corbingrabb

Stephanie said...

Bless her sweet WHOLE heart..she's healed and ready to go. She doesn't want to waste a single day!!!!!!! and who can blame her after all she's been through. She says she got her heart and she's ready to go home :) Praying for you and thinking of you often this weekend! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see an update, and nice to hear Lindsay is doing good!

Love, The Martin Family

Maggie Geiger said...

So glad to hear that Lindsay is doing well again today. Hopefully you both can get rid of your headaches and enjoy another visit. I realize it's so much so... fast. Try to remember to take a few deep breaths and relax! You have made it this far together, remember that is what keeps you guys strong! Please try & sleep well tonight so that you have your strength to keep us updated tomorrow! HA HA!!

Love & Prayers,
The Geigers

Steve said...

Viagra, huh? Well, at least someday that will be an interesting topic of conversation.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Suzie & JR & boys - isn't this great! Soon she will be HOME!! We are so happy for your family! You are constantly in our prayers! love ya, Ron and Sue

Kyle Keiser said...

Love you......sweet dreams for all.


Kyle Keiser said...

love you.....sweet dreams for all.


Heather said...

So glad to hear that things are going well. We are continuing to pray for healing and strength.

Anonymous said...

Many tears of happiness were expressed for Lindsay and your family when we heard the great news early Friday am!!!!
The high school students ask about Lindsay often.
When I got the awesome news....I was reading an e-mail. Being a mother myself, tears of joy started to flow.
I read the e-mail to my class and posted the awesome on the board.
The great news spread quickly throughout the school.

Jodie L-M and Family

Brooke said...

Stopping by from Miss Gracie Gledhill's blog. We love her so much and I am thrilled your little one is doing so well!!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad that she is doind well!! A little spunk is good that just shows that she has fight in her and that way she keeps everybody on theyre toes!!!
Love you,

Lauren said...

Way to go Lindsay!!! Still praying!!!

Stephanie Winter said...

Have you got any of the smaller sized "pray for Lindsay" bracelets that they could put on the restraints?? Like she needs something else to pull at on those!... maybe just request pink ones! She's just amaizing!... wanting to move that much after surgery!?
Sweet dreams Princess!

Anonymous said...

just got home from a long night at the track and had to check in, glad she is doing well. lots of praying going on at the track so I know it will help.....thinking of you all!!!
Love ,
Jess, Kendall and Bear

Anonymous said...

This week end is a good one on our street. It is so nice for all of your neighbors to know that your empty house won't be with out Lindsay for too much longer. We are so proud of her and you as well. You have been in our thoughts all weekend and we will continue to think of your family with a smile on our faces. Lindsay's strength is giving me a renewed motivation in our upcoming blood drive in her honor. We hope to see you home soon.

The Strakalaitis Family

Anonymous said...

PRAISE YOU JESUS! I am so happy to hear of LIndsay's miracle. God bless you all, you are in my prayers! May the Lord continue to bless this precious baby girl. Jesus LOVES you Lindsay!
COLEs PRayer Team
LIndsay Manfull

Anonymous said...

No rushing her. Let her heal completely. It is a long uncertain road ahead after any Transplant, so relax, be calm and Lindsay will too.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Super glad to hear that Lindsay is doing so good. Completely touched by this little girl. What an inspiration she is. I will continue to pray for her recovery.