Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, MRI results really just showed what we pretty much already knew but also didn't show anything that we didn't. Does that make sense?? In other words, no real surprises. That is good but we for sure now know that she does indeed have damage. The damage is in the part of her brain that controls vision. The MRI also showed other little damaged areas that will effect her motor skills. However, we and the doctors think that is really not a huge issue because she is moving her legs, arms, etc. just fine as of right now. This will just take physical therapy everyday now instead of 2 or 3 times per week as she was before. Back to the vision. We know from just watching her that her vision is definitely impaired. We have been told that her age is definitely on her side and as time goes by, the other side of her brain should compensate and things should be close to normal again. Just later on at some point, she just need glasses. If that is all that she needs after this, get her 5 pair!!!! ;-) Every one is different though and we have to get into the mind set that this may not return as one of the possibilities. By examining her, she is definitely just near sighted if any. Her peripheral vision is not at all as far as we can tell. Praying that time means healing. She is still very weak and to top it all off, she is cutting a top tooth! Poor baby! She was uncomfortable tonight before we left so we broke down and gave her a 1/2 dose of morphine so that she could sleep. Praying that that happens.

I have finally updated photos, so scroll down to the previous posts to see them. Some are not pretty, so I am warning you in advance.

All in all, we have had a good day and look forward to another small improvement tomorrow. Maybe even a ride over to Moderate Care??? I will keep you posted.

Love, Suzie
PS I can't end without saying a big "THANK YOU" to Hearts of Hope! A few of the members brought quite the spread to the hospital last night for dinner and we were very grateful. Thank you again and so nice to finally meet some of you that we have heard so much about.


MJ and David said...

We are still praying for the Princess. We have faith she will come through this ok. You go Princess Lindsay, show everyone you are going to be ok.

Lacy said...

So great to hear about Lindsay's improvements. I look foreward to updates at the end of each day and hearing how well she is doing. Keeping her in my prayers daily!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that she is healing and things are looking up. Your blog is not just a testament to Lindsay's struggle but a shining example of what being a family really is. You have all shown such grace under pressure. You never blame anyone else for your misfortunes and you are thankful for all that is positive in your lives. You also shine such a beautiful light on the care and expertise of the medical staff you deal with on a daily basis. Be proud of how you and your family are handling this enormous pressure. Someday Lindsay and her brothers will be able to read all about how special they were and how loving their family really is. It is okay to cry and feel frustrated! You somehow always manage to find the good in everything.
The best of tomorrows to all of you!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to hear things are still moving in a positive, healing manner. Every day I think about Lindsay as well as the rest of you. Lindsay continues to prove just how strong a person can be. She is proof that if you fight long enough and hard enough, you can accomplish anything. You are an amazing family and it is great to have all of you as close friends.

Keep up the good work Lindsay!

Mark Randall & family

Unknown said...

Praying God heals her vision.

Stephanie Winter said...

Dear JR and Suzie,
Praying for continued healing. The picture is so sweet... Her scar looks great! Praying that her vision will continue to develop and heal. How cute would she look with glasses??! I know a cute boy with glasses, no sweat, right?? Praying that is what she will need. Hope you two are doing alright over there!
steph and family

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear the results were what you sort of already knew. I hope that with time her vision can be healed, and glasses might be all she has to deal with. I am so gratful prayers were answered and your princess was allowed to stay here on earth with you. She is amazing!!! Sounds like it's been a good week for all the heart babies at Mott. What a blessing after last week. Praying for continued recovery for Lindsay and her heart friends.

Anonymous said...

I felt bummed when I first read about Lindsays vision but, after reading Suzie's comments, I feel up-lifted. She reminds me of our daughter who has been fighting breast cancer for nine years and still has this positive attitude.
Keep up the good work Lindsay!
God's Gentle Peace to your whole family~~~~~ prayers for Lindsay's vision~~~~

The Simmons Family said...

I am glad to hear that there is no further surprises from the MRI. The vision can be dealt with... the GREAT news is that Lindsay is here and she is improving a little each day!! :) God is so great!!

The B Family said...

Just look at that sweet girl! What a dollbaby! Thanks for sharing her beautiful face with us!!! I must admit that I was having Lindsay withdrawals...I'm better now! :)

Praying for more baby steps...

Love you~ Rebecca

Stephanie said...

Praying for Lindsay to get stronger as each day passes!!!!!

I'm with you...I say bring the glasses on :) As long as she's here!!!!!

Sending love to you all!

Anonymous said...

The miracle continues. God bless all of you!

Suzan said...

As always thinking of you guys & the Princess!!! She looks really great, what a trooper! I agree with Steph, she would look adorable in glasses!

The strength you and JR continue to show everyday is simply amazing. I hope you know how much you are loved and admired by everyone that knows you!!! I couldn't be more honored or proud to call you both not just family, but friends! I love you!!

Misty Rice said...

So beautiful.

So sweet.

So innocent.

So helpless.

So young.

So LOVED, by her family, readers and her maker GOD!

I hate that she is hurting, that is enduring all this and she doesn't understand any of it.

Praying for faster recovery, for faster healing and for faster answered prayers.

God Bless you Lindsay. Hang in there and let's see what God's will is for all of this. I hope to soon see you smiling and growing your wings to explore the life ahead of you very soon.

Anonymous said...

So glad there weren't other surprises on the MRI. Here's to extra cute princess glasses! Like Stephanie, I have a sweet boy who looks fabulous in his glasses.:)Still praying for Lindsay.
Sandy Sellers and family

Becca Palmer said...

It was really nice to meet you last night. I hope you all were blessed. Please don't forget that all of that food is in the nourishment room down on the floor for all of you to enjoy today...and probably tomorrow too. I continue to pray for Lindsay.
Becky Palmer
CP: EliPalmer

Rachel Dominguez said...

I just don't understand why this happened. She was looking so wonderful at her birthday celebration and then boom. Do we have any idea why the seizures occured?

You know, I am praying with all that I am for your precious Lindsay! I pray so hard that sometimes I cannot breathe!

I just still wonder....WHY?
I BELIEVE! I just question sometimes when she has been through so much...why this?

Love to you all and prayers forever!!!

Your long distance friend,


Anonymous said...

What a little Sweet-Heart! So hard to believe she's been thru so much and still such a fighter. We'll continue to pray for her vision and strength for all of you. She must have an army of Guardian Angels...and we thank God for that! The Jewetts

aimee gillespie said...

How does that saying go...? Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses... That should make JR happy in the coming years! Like you said, if that's the big downfall of her recent scare, bring on the glasses! I have an adorable purple polka-dot pair that I'll lend to her any time she's ready :-) Praying that she continues to make progress and makes her way to Moderate care soon!

Kacy said...

Lindsay will certainly look like a sweet angel in glasses! I'm sure they even make PINK! Love and prayers constantly your way! Love, Kerri

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Lots of love and prayers going out to you guys!

Love, The Martin Family

Melissa said...

Lindsay is a beautiful baby! So glad the MRI didn't show any traumatic damage...glasses can be quite the fashion accessory you know! I pray that near-sightedness is the worse of the damage and that Lindsay makes a complete recovery! Stay strong in your faith and God bless your sweet family!

Kristine said...

SO glad to heat that Lindsay is doing well! Please, if you have a moment, go and read my daughters story. She has brain damage far worse than Lindsay and is doing fantastic!! She will give you some more hope for her recovery.


Stephanie Winter said...

I was looking at the pictures again... LOVE the piggies in her hair on fathers day!! so cute!

Megan said...

I'm glad to hear that Linday is doing better!!! Still praying!

........ said...

I am so glad that Miss Lindsay continues to improve. I'm sorry to hear that her vision is impaired though. I pray for your family and for Lindsay's FULL recovery. i am just so thankful that she made it through this crisis!

Olivia (CA) said...

We are praying for continued healing and that our Great Physician will heal her perfect for His purposes! Praying that her pain decreases so she can enjoy life once again.

Mimi said...

Oh sweet Lindsay-

We are loving you from a million (that's too many I think) miles away. We think about you everyday!!

The only thing I know about not so great news in the hospital is that there can be improvements and good news the very next day.

Suzie, you're amazing!! Just Amazing! Thanks for the updates.