Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It just keeps getting better!

Lindsay bracelets are famous in Paris!!! I want to share this photo that the sweet Allison shared while away on her study abroad last month. We missed you and welcome home!
The love that Lindsay's nurses have for her. Nurse Sarah got married on Saturday and wore her Lindsay bracelet on her ankle. I saw this and just cried. Megan and Sarah.......we love you soooo much!!!!

This was little miss before we left tonight. Does she look good or what?!!! That's our baby!

This is the sign that nurse Megan made for Lindsay's door. We have to be super careful now!

This was her arrival into Moderate Care today. Nurse Megan was waiting with open arms. Nurse Jen and tech Diane wheeled her there. What a great day!

On the schedule for tomorrow, removal of chest tubes and pacer wires. Maybe the IV in her hand as well. Keep praying!

Love to you all!



The Simmons Family said...

I am speechless.. she looks wonderful!!!! Love the signs the nurses make, it's nice to know she is so loved and cared for.

Continuing to pray that she'll be home soon!!

Shari said...

Yes, speechless........this is wonderful news and she looks so good! Praise God! I continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

That was a cute sign on the door. We are glad she is doing so good. We will keep praying for her.
Love Aunt Retta and Mary

Unknown said...

Wow she is looking so good. We are so happy that you and your family finally received the awesome gift from God. Maybe one day I will get to meet your little princess in person.

The Shelley Family said...

WoNdErFuL! I am so excited for ALL of you! Lindsay IS a PrInCeSs and a GrAcEfuL one at that :)
I am thrilled to see her doing SO well! After all she has been through its good to see things work out for her :)
Keep up the great bloggin...and the great LIVIN!

Stephanie Winter said...

She is beautiful!! Good job Lindsay! Isn't life good! We love you! ttyl

Uncle Dan said...

The little princess looks so great! I can't wait to see in person this weekend. We love you all.

Uncle Dan

Michelle said...

Watch out, everyone, SHE'S COMING UNHOOKED!!! A princess off her leash and on the go...

Lindsay looks fabulous and Zachy can't wait to congratulate her personally.



The B Family said...

Lindsay just melts my heart with her eyes! She is really loving her binky...I have always been a sucker for those precious pictures! Some of my favorites of Wyatt are with his binky!
LOVE the sign & the pics of Lindsay Bracelets!!! She is SO loved!!!
Praying for another awesome day!

Love you~ Rebecca

Chris Johnson said...

Wow...has she set a record in moving right along after such a huge surgery or what? I have followed your blog for months and to see this is just amazing!!! Keep up the good work Lindsay!

aimee gillespie said...

I made it alright looking at the Paris picture, but show me a bride who loves Lindsay enough to wear her bracelet on her wedding day... I lost it! I'm so happy for you guys. What a trooper! Praying that you all have another great day!

Lots of Love from the Gillespies

Stephanie said...

That's the cutest sign!!! What wonderful nurses you have..what a blessing that is. Praying for an awesome day today!

I tell ya you can't look at that picture of her and know that she just had heart surgery...she's looking awesome!

Anonymous said...

How nice to see pictures. Lindsay looks wonderful!

Love, The Martin Family

Mari said...

Amazing! Amazing in FIVE days she can be at this point in her healing! We so continue to give thanks and pray for ALL of you and her medical care takers. Of course our minds and hearts continue to be filled with gratitude and prayer for the donor family; for them, in their deepest sorrow, to share these most precious gifts of organs. Now we do have a question...has Tommy seen Princess Lindsay?!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, Lindsay--YAY!!! I was there when the MC word was mentioned and I am soooooo happy to see that she went over there!! Keeping tabs on the princess on our road trip to FL.

You rock girl!!

Love ya, little lady!!

Lisa--pod a

Rachel Dominguez said...

Speechless is the best word to describe how I feel when I look at Lindsay. And I must say I bawled like a baby to see Nurse Sarah wearing that bracelet on her wedding day! What amazing care and love you have from those nurses.

I will be purchasing a bracelet today if they are still available. I am a single mother of four and NEVER have extra money, but TODAY is a different day and I am so in love with this little girl that I am going to buy one anyway!

I am so happy to see she is so well!

All my love and Prayers!!!

Rachel (Lees Summit, MO)

Tiffany Lockette said...

What a sweet blessing Lindsay is to everyone. How awesome are her nurses? I am so glad she is doing so well. Keep it up kiddo!! Much love.

Aimee said...

I've never let a comment before now but have been following your blog for sometime now. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that sweet Lindsey is doing so well...

Lorri said...

Congratulations! Heart transplants are very special in our family as my Father in Law received one way back in the mid 80's...he was the 13th person ever to receive a heart in San Francisco. Prior to that, he was told he might live 6 months. He lived 20 years - and that's when the anti rejection drugs were no where near as good as today. Blessing to your family!